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Video Reports

The first video's will appear here after the first day of the conference. Follow #webcon at Twitter we'll announce when new video's become available.


Web Connections Keynote
This is the complete keynote of Web Connections 2011. Announcing DotNetNuke 6 with a demo. At the start of the keynote there were some issues with the camera's. Also the colors, lightning and sound are far from perfect. But all is understandable and good to see and hear. All the people who missed this, have fun watching!


Impression of Web Connections 2011


Interview: Shaun Walker


Interview: Nik Kalyani


Interview: What's it like to work for DotNetNuke Corp.?


Interview: Peter Donker talks with Usergroup founders and leads from several European countries.


Interview: Peter Donker talks about skinning and theming DotNetNuke with Beatriz Oliveira, Salar Golestanian, Timo Breumelhof and Armand Datema


Interview: Peter Donker talks to Justin Mifsud, Chad Nash and Will Morgenweck about selling modules on Snowcovered. All four of them are succesful with selling their modules on Snowcovered. Do they drive Ferrari's now? This interview contains very useful tips for vendors who would like to start selling on Snowcovered.com.


Interview: Peter Donker talks to Ernst Peter Tamminga, Gilles Chalon, Erik van Ballegoij and Sebastien Veniel about how to sell the DotNetNuke PE and EE edition.

DotNetNuke Corp.
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