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Armand Datema

Armand Datema Image Armand Datema

Armand has been a long time DotNetNuke skinner/developer who has been there since the early IbuySpy days. Currently in his day job he works for HowardsHome / FinchLine where he handles most of the DotNetNuke development and integration of 3rd party and legacy application in the DotNetNuke framework. In the evening and weekend he juggles balancing time for his personal life, working on skin conversions for his own company 2DNN ( this site being one of his conversions) and his DotNetNuke community work .


Advanced Module Templating with Core Modules

Using the Forms&List module and the Forms&List data-source for Reports an entire site can be created and in this session you will learn how Some functionality that are included in this session and demo is FAQ, About page, Testimonials page, Blog, Homepage sliders, portfolio, small shop , contact page , and more... All this will be done with the supported XSLT templating of these modules and where necessary jQuery will be used to enrich this even more ( eg. templating the input form and default DotNetNuke pagination.)

Length: 60 minutes

Level: 2

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