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Peter Schotman

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Peter Schotman is member of 40fingers(www.40fingers.net), a Dutch firm specializing in DotNetNuke solutions for a diverse range of clients. 40Fingers delivers a full range of DotNetNuke solutions ranging from hosting and module development to skinning and training. Peter has presented DotNetNuke topics at various events in the Netherlands and abroad.


The perfect DotNetNuke Installation

Out of the box DotNetNuke seems pretty good, but experienced system integrators know better. Based on our extensive client contacts we all know that there is a lot that can be simplyfied and improved. During this session we will demonstrate the ‘perfect’ DotNetNuke installation. This installation packages will save the average DotNetNuke loads of time.
During this session we will dive into: Easy article management, document management, asset management (images, movies), editor providers , site search, page management, page and module setting management and ML solutions.
After this session you will have a skeleton DotNetNuke installation that you can extent with your preffered commercial modules.

Length: 60 minutes

Level: 2

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Yes we can: ‘Become a millionaire with DotNetNuke’

DotNetNuke is an application framework, and therefore extremely well suited for developing viable ‘Start Up’solutions. With DotNetNuke we can quickly develop SAAS solutions.
During we will present the latest best practices w.r.t lean start-up theory and minimum viable products. Based on our own experiences, we will dive into a benchmarking system tuned towards DotNetNuke and will discuss a number of live examples.
After this session you will be aware of the pitfalls and opportunities and have a good starting point for delivering SAAS solutions yourself.

Length: 30 minutes

Level: 1

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