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Sebastian Leupold

Sebastian Leupold Image Sebastian Leupold

Sebastian Leupold is co-founder of the German DotNetNuke User Group (the largest DNN user group in the world), co-founder of the European Network of DotNetNuke professionals (largest professional group in the DotNetNuke eco system), co-organizer of the European Day of DotNetNuke (largest Day of DotNetNuke so far) and besides a big guy at all :D.

Within the DotNetNuke core team, Sebastian teases all team leads by managing the extension release tests, besides he created hundreds of German language packs and spammed the forums with ten thousands of posts. Together with Oliver Hine, he provides valuable free extensions to the DNN framework like Advanced Control Panel, improving greatly usability for site editors.

In his leisure time, Sebastian acts as CEO of gamma concept and provides professional DotNetNuke services at www.dnnwerk.de and bears the burdon of being awarded by Microsoft as “Most Valuable Professional” again and again… ;)


Modules in the Summer Time - DST support in DotNetNuke 6

DotNetNuke 6 switches from the legacy TimeZone table to Windows time zones, which provides full support for Daylight Saving Time. Within the core framwork, time zones are stored per portal and for individual user profiles, to adjust time information to the current user's location. Sebastian Leupold will provide details on this new feature and demonstrate best practices, how to utilize it in custom modules.

Length: 30 minutes

Level: 1

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