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Stefan Cullmann

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Stefan likes the idea of Open Source and participates in the DotNetNuke project since 2005, meanwhile as a DotNetNuke Trustee. He is also team lead of the Xml/Xsl module and the Form and List module. Stefan lives and works in Berlin, Germany.


Website Analytics without Google

Google tracks each visit via the user's IP address and submits it combined with other data to US. This can be seen as a violation of current European privacy laws. Especially some German regulators have already imposed fines against users of GA. Piwik is an Open Source alternative, running on PHP/ MySql. It allows you to track your users staying compliant to European rules. Of course you can use its tracking scripts also in DotNetNuke. This session provides you a quick overview.

Length: 30 minutes

Level: 1

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Advantages of Using Razor in DotNetNuke

Razor allows easy scripting and plays therefore a major role as beginner's language for easy scripting in Webmatrix. You can download additional helpers which connect your scripts to twitter and facebook. However Razors potential is much bigger,for example it is already the main view engine in Asp.Net MVC 3. Razor gives you fully control over your HTML and strong data typing at the same place. VS2010 supports both intellisense and syntax highlighting for Razor scripts. DotNetNuke is able to host Razor scripts similar to user controls, and it is also simple to integrate Razor as templating engine into modules or other visual extensions like Menu providers. It therfore can act as replacement of Token based templates or XSLT scripts, given the whole power of Asp.Net to the designer or developer.

Length: 60 minutes

Level: 3

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