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David Lee

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I have worked in the IT industry for over 15 years in the UK, developing government financial systems and various asset management software and databases for major UK companies. Since moving to France in 2006 I have become co-founder of Nevoweb. Nevoweb is a small company in the south of France that works with DotNetNuke and Microsoft technologies creating and hosting websites and developing DNN modules. In 2009 Nevoweb won the DNN European community choice awards for the most creative and original website and the best e-commerce website. We are the creators and coordinators of NB_Store, an open source e-commerce module for DotNetNuke.


The Geek Angle of the NB_Store Module

This session will be a technical view of the NB_Store code and how plug-ins and providers can be created to make NB_Store do more. The problem of creating an e-commerce website, doing exactly what your client wants, with just DNN and an e-commerce module is a classic problem. Like the Greek angle the solution with the given tools is generally impossible. In this session I hope to highlight some ways NB_Store can be enhanced by using the in-build template system, other modules, and providers, to get the results you want. Angle 1 - The NB_Store template system. Angle 2 - Extending the template system with providers. Angle 3 - Using an External Module referencing NB_Store. Angle 4 – Making a plug-in to the NB_Store Back Office.

Length: 60 minutes

Level: 3

- no session material available -

An Easy Jump into the NB_Store Module

This session will be an introduction to NB_Store module, what it can do and a quick guide on how to integrate it into DNN. Step1 : Get it into DNN. Step2 : Finishing the Puzzle. Step3 : Adding Stuff. Step4 : What can we do?. Step5 : Administration for Dummies

Length: 30 minutes

Level: 2

- no session material available -

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