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Nik Kalyani

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Nik Kalyani is a technology entrepreneur with over 18 years of experience in the software industry having founded or co-founded four startups, two of them venture-funded. He is currently the founder and CEO of two companies: HyperCrunch, a technology strategic advisory company and iCurate, a content curation startup. Kalyani is also co-founder and Strategic Advisor for DotNetNuke Corp., the company that manages the DotNetNuke Open Source Content Management platform, which is also the largest Open Source project on the Microsoft technology stack.

Kalyani has been recognized for his community contributions with the Microsoft "Most Valuable Professional" award for seven years in a row. He speaks regularly at conferences, user group meetings and code camps on topics including cloud computing, DotNetNuke and business advice for startups. He also provides strategic and technical guidance to a select group of companies.

iCurate, his current, early-stage startup, is focused on building a broad-based, automated curation solution to address the information glut everybody faces on today's hyper-social web. He lives in Mountain View, California, with his wife and two daughters. You can connect with him on his blog at http://kalyani.com or on Twitter with @techbubble.


Escaping Gravity: Startup Lessons from Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is the epicenter of technology innovation in the world. For every startup startup success story that you read about, countless more are created, fight for survival and ultimately fail or fade away into obscurity. There is no magic formula for success, but there are some common traits among successful startups that help them escape gravity and become successful. In this session, we'll review these lessons and put them in context for European entrepreneurs helping them increase their chances for success. If you are a developer and have a great idea for a world-changing product that you want to bring to market, this session is for you. Instead of business jargon, you will get the straight dope. Come, be inspired and start your quest to defy gravity and create a successful startup.

Length: 90 minutes

Level: 2

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Cross-platform and Cross-Device Touch Modules with jQuery Mobile

If your applications don't work well with touch-enabled smartphones and tablets, you are greatly limiting their potential. Users demand mobile access to their apps and you need to deliver. jQuery Mobile to the rescue. Learn how to use this killer framework to build touch-enhanced modules for DotNetNuke. In this no-PowerPoint, all-code session, we will enhance a basic DotNetNuke module by leveraging the jQuery Mobile framework to give it a highly usable, touch-enhanced interface. It's easy enough creating something that just "works" on mobile phones. But we'll go further and focus on usability and mobile app best practices to make our module better and more intuitive. If your customers are demanding mobile-enabled modules and you want to know the best way to build them, this session is for you.

Length: 60 minutes

Level: 3

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HTML5 Multimedia and Geolocation

HTML5 brings a host of multimedia and geolocation features natively to the browser. In this session we'll review these HTML5 features and put them to use by building a real-world DotNetNuke module. In addition to a quick review of these features, you'll also learn about browser support for various features and how to detect and adjust for the presence or absence of these features using Modernizr. This code-heavy session is intended for developers who are well-versed with DotNetNuke module development and familiar with Javascript.

Length: 60 minutes

Level: 2

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