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Ernst Peter Tamminga

Ernst Peter Tamminga Image Ernst Peter Tamminga

Ernst Peter has long history in IT. He is CEO of XCESS expertise center b.v., Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, delivering custom IT solutions for midsized companies. He has been speaker on various developer conferences. XCESS uses DotNetNuke as web application framework since 2003 for the development of standard and custom web applications.
He is also DNN Core Team member with Project lead responsibility for the DNN Events module and active in the DNN Reference team.
Ernst Peter holds a master degree in mechanical engineering, measurement and control, cybernetic ergonomics and a PhD in medicine. He is furthermore a Registered Computer Scientist, Certified IT Expert and Legal expert for IT lawsuits.


Improving Core Modules - the FAQ Example

I used DNN FAQs as a sample for enhancing an existing module. We are not always in the position to start new, picking up the work of others and bringing that to a new level covers is also part of our normal work. Still you can have a lot of fun and improve the quality of the module at the same time as becoming more productive if you follow the right rules. The DNN FAQs got a UX improvement as well by applying Telerik asp.net controls. Although the possibility to use Telerik ASP.NET Ajax controls freely in every module using DNN wrappers exists for some time now, not many modules use this possibilty to improve usability and user experience. In this session, several improvements of a DNN core module will be demonstrated by implementing some of the DNNWrapped Telerik controls in various places of the module. Telerik controls can enhance the UX en UI of your DNN module dramatically. Using the DNNWrappers, you can add the Telerik controls freely to your module. How does this work and what kind of controls are available? You get a good overview of the possibilities of Telerik controls as well as how to apply them in a license neutral way via the DNNWrappers.

Length: 60 minutes

Level: 2

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Using MSBuild to Improve Module Development

Developing DNN modules is the work of a number of our developers on a daily basis. We continuously evaluate the way we work to develop our modules. One of the elements of continuous work (and prone to errors) was the creation and maintenance of DNN Manifest files (.dnn install files) and the creation of PA and Source .zip install pacakges. In this session, several improvements of building and maintaining a DNN module will be demonstrated: improving the structure of the VS solution and implementing a fully automatic build structure to create DNN5 manifest and packages. Let your machine do the plumbing for building your module manifest and packages. All tools applied are freely available. The end result of this improvement is a more productive DNN development environment delivering higher quality modules quicker and more reliably.

Length: 60 minutes

Level: 3

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