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Vicenç Masanas

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  • Vicenç Masanas
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    Disgrafic ITec SL
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Vicenç is from Banyoles, Spain and works for Disgrafic ITec SL.

Vicenç (ASP.NET MVP) is the principal at Disgrafic, a software consultancy company based in Banyoles - Spain, specialized in web development and design on the DotNetNuke platform. Since 2003 he is a member of the DotNetNuke Core Team, where he serves as a core developer, and as the responsible for the Localization and Globalization efforts for the DNN platform. As a side work on DNN he is also the owner of the dnnJungle web site (http://dnnjungle.vmasanas.net) where he has been providing community support for DNN, free modules, developer tools and the highly acclaimed templates for DotNetNuke development since DotNetNuke version 2.x.
You can find more about Vicenç on: www.disgrafic.com. Vicenç can be reached at: vmasanas@disgrafic.com.


ExpressionBuilders applied to DotNetNuke localization

ExpressionBuilders were introduced in ASP.NET 2.0 and a new feature to allow developers to bind controls properties declaratively by using a new special sintax.
As all the most interesting features in the platform the ExpressionBuilder concept is extensible so anyone can easily create new Extensions by using the framework base classes.

In this session we will take a deep look at how ExtensionBuilders work and create a few examples and finally we will explain how DotNetNuke 6 will use a new ExtensionBuilder to provide a new and more powerfull way to use static localization for controls.

Length: 60 minutes

Level: 2

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DotNetNuke Dashboard

One of the new features introduced in DotNetNuke 5 was the Dashboard Module. While not one of the most known features for developers it provides some interesting information every site administrator show know about.

For developers the Dashboard also provides an common place where to include the core information you need in order to support your users.

In this session we will take a look at what the Dashboard is, what are the default views included in the core DNN distribution and how to extend it with custom created views that can be customized to display whatever you need for your everyday work and to provide better support to your modules and sites.

Length: 30 minutes

Level: 1

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